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Debut: September 13th, 2016 (RIP 2Pac)


  • Wide Load
  • Calorie Killer
  • Quadruple XL



“Rest in peace my man, 2Pac… Even though I know you’re
Not dead cause we was chillin’ last weekend in Cuba”

“It’s Thanksgiving and I’m crushin’ everything at the table
Some turkey, stuffing, even my Aunt Mabel
I told my Uncle Ray don’t get in my fckin’ way, bro
Now I’m dippin’ him in some gravy and mashed potato”

“With the summer comin’ everyone is gettin’ they body ready
I’ma do the opposite and eat a pot of spaghetti
A lotta peanut butter and jelly
I ain’t tryin’ to slim down, I’m tryin’ to widen my belly
Don’t need a fckin’ barbell, I got bars myself
That carry mad weight so I gotta be heavy
And I promise ya, B, that when I look like a blob on the beach
Your broad will be slobbin’ my meat”

“New Year, new me… new beginnings
I got some resolutions but who am I kiddin’?
I ain’t doin’ sht differently this year from last
Except become an even bigger, fatter, lazy ass”

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