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Debut: September 6th, 2016 (Mission to Mars)


  • Boss
  • Mr. Sketchz
  • The One Hitter Spitter



“I need some coffee, I’m feinin’ for caffeine
Fck a Venti, gimme a whole bean IV”

“I drop a deuce cause I ate some chocolate mousse
And went ham on some green eggs, Dr. Seuss”

“I spit flows
Whichever way the motherfckin’ wind blows
I got a big mouth and a big nose
And a big ass flacid dick, ask your chick
Ask your Sister, ask your Momma
Ask your Grandma, ask your Aunt Jemima
Squirtin’ my syrup all over their faces
Golden frozen ropes all over their places
Ugh, yeah I know it’s disgustin’
When I flow it’s like spontaneous combustion
I can’t help what comes out when I hear the percussion
But I can guarantee you gimme a beat, I’ll crush it
So please forgive me
Please ask your girl to get on her knees and blow me
No drama, you can keep the beef and balogone
And take the guns too, just leave the cannoli”

“LeBron James ain’t a King, Bron Bron is a bitch
I used to beat his ass all the time as a kid
He was such a disgrace…
I would slam dunk on him and shove my nuts in his face!”

“Spittin’ some bars, on a mission to Mars
Tryin’ to find a sexy alien to tickle my balls”

“Rough Sketchz… Rough around the damn edges
Servin’ up a couple bloody knuckle sandwiches”

“This scumbag Santa Claus owes me a present
Been askin’ for a bicycle since I was like seven
But that jolly piece of sht did not come through
Only gifts I ever got were socks and shoes
What the fck?! But this Christmas Eve
You’ll find me with some cookies by the Christmas Tree
Waitin’ for Saint Nick to fart out the chimney
Then fckin’ rip his heart out, fatality!”

“A cartoon with bars, the first of its kind
About to spit the greatest verse of all time
Don’t be fooled, just because I’m short and stout
With a little pot, this is not a nursery rhyme
This is some grown man sht
Beatin’ ass, takin’ names, up to my old antics
And before I embarrass ya, I’ll send you some flowers
Cause I’m a romantic
I’m so damn sick… it’s outrageous
You better check your chick it’s contagious
I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news
I’m just bein’ me and I’m a very bad dude
Which usually means that I’m gettin’ the bad girls
You know the ones, the love givin’ some head girls
And if your lady happens to join the ranks
What you want me to say, B, thanks?”

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