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Release Date

February 16th, 2017

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“I spit flows
Whichever way the motherfckin’ wind blows
I got a big mouth and a big nose
And a big ass flacid dick, ask your chick
Ask your Sister, ask your Momma
Ask your Grandma, ask your Aunt Jemima
Squirtin’ my syrup all over their faces
Golden frozen ropes all over their places
Ugh, yeah I know it’s disgustin’
When I flow it’s like spontaneous combustion
I can’t help what comes out when I hear the percussion
But I can guarantee you gimme a beat, I’ll crush it
So please forgive me
Please ask your girl to get on her knees and blow me
No drama, you can keep the beef and balogone
And take the guns too, just leave the cannoli”

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